The Ice Cream tulip: a double and late tulip unique in the world

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The Tulip Ice Cream is a variety of Tulipa with a particularly exotic appearance, reminiscent of vanilla-strawberry ice cream.

The Tulip Ice Cream in a nutshell:

Latin name : Tulipa

Common name : Tulip Ice Cream
Family : Liliaceae
Type : true bulb

Height : 25 to 40 cm

Planting distance : 10 cm
Exposure : sunny to partially shaded
Soil : clay-loam, well-draining, cool

Planting : October to December –  Flowering : mid-May to mid-August

Late, it produces, around mid-May, spectacular flowers 10 cm in diameter , the head of which consists of several rows of petals. The outer layered row offers petals of red, lilac, or pink color, while the inner layer has white, densely terry petals, and much longer than the outer petals.

The overall appearance of this double tulip is unmistakably reminiscent of a scoop of vanilla ice cream placed on a bed of strawberry ice cream. An aspect that easily explains its vernacular name of Ice cream tulip.

The stems of this double and late variety are massive and relatively short, measuring on average between 25 and 40 cm in height at maturity. Stems that are endowed with deciduous, dense foliage and a beautiful saturated green.

Growing the Ice Cream Tulip

This double tulip blooms late , around mid-May. On the other hand, its flowering is long, since it lasts up to 2 months . It is grown in groups, as well as in flowerbeds, borders, and even in pots.

Tulipa ‘Ice Cream’ likes loose, moderately moist soils . Water it every 2 to 3 days in hot weather, and every 5 to 7 days in mild weather. Remember to remove weeds around your plants. Apply fertilizer for bulb plants before flowering.

Cut off the faded flowers and leave the leaves in place until they dry out. You can then cut them in turn. Apply fertilizer and resume watering to replenish the reserves of the large-caliber bulb (11/+).

Note: the Ice Cream tulip is disease resistant.

When and how to plant the Ice Cream tulip?

The Ice Cream Double Late Tulip likes a sunny location, but it can thrive in partial shade.

  • Its bulb is planted before the frosts, between the months of October and December , in order to take advantage of its spectacular flowering the following spring.
  • Tulip bulbs need a cold period to bloom, which the winter season gives them.

Knowing that the Ice Cream tulip is a bulbous plant hardy down to -20°C , its bulb can therefore easily remain in place throughout the winter in our latitudes.

  • Plant the bulbs in a light and fertile soil , but also well drained and loosened , all at a depth of 15 cm .
  • Be careful to space the bulbs 10 cm between them, so that they do not touch each other, but still offer a massive appearance when flowering.
  • To go further: Tulip: plant bulbs well in the garden and in pots

If you grow your ice cream tulip bulbs in pots, proceed in the same way as in the ground, making sure to leave the tip of the bulb flush with the surface.

The Ice Cream tulip: a superb cut flower

This tulip lasts particularly long in a bouquet !

  • To compose your flower bouquets, prefer to cut the tulip stems in the morning.
  • Then place your cut flowers in a vase containing lukewarm water mixed with a little sugar and vinegar (a perfect mixture for your fresh flowers to stay beautiful longer).

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